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Sunflower Collection

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#1-842 Sunflower Tic Tac Toe - a charming decorative accent and game as well.  With 5 token pieces ladybug and sunflower each for 2 players.  Each individually brightly handpainted.  Made of durable resin.  1.25" height x 5" length x 5" width, 400g (+box=900g.) Price:  P198 / $ 5.65


Sunflower Candleholder #148-261 (left) Decorated with lively sunflower textures, in matching colored scents!  1 3/4" h x 3. 3/8"x 3.74", 240g(+box=500g)  Only P69.00/ U$1.98 - for orders of 50 pcs. or more - P55.20 / U$1.58order


Filipiniana Figurines

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