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P120 / $3.45

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#290-3-6077 Angel Pendant

A lovely addition to your jewelry collection.  This angel has a vintage feel about it.  Any gal would love to receive this as a precious gift.  Something you will always treasure.  Individually handcrafted with care.

Hangs 12 inches (clasped)

P159 / $4.55

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#290-3-3625 Eiffel Tower Necklace

Have the French feeling with this beautifully put together piece.  Just the perfect gift for that special traveler friend.  Reminiscent of Paris antiquities. Has a vintage look about it.  Something you will always treasure.  Individually handcrafted with care.

P220 / $6.30

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#344-6 Friendship Braid Choker

Wear the colors of the rainbow on you!  Have a bohemian look about you.  Perfect beach accessories.  Totally washable.  Shown at left are 3 individual pieces.  Made of recycled materials.  Individually handcrafted with care.  A Papemelroti livelihood project.  Ask us what color combinations are available.  Fits snugly but comfortably on your neck.

Size 7 inch diameter (when clasped)

P32 / $0.95

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#332-896 Eclectic Cross Beads Choker

A bohemian carefree way to accessorize as well as share your faith.  Uniquely different beads look well together just like friends who are each different from the other.  Practically wearable from day to night.

P169 / $4.85

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#332-714 Floral Chain Brooch Pendant

Wear this long chained accessory with almost anything.  Doubles up as a brooch!  Individually handcrafted with care.

Size 1.75" flower diameter

P149 / $4.25

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#290-4071 Francine Beads

A beautiful piece that delights and charms.  Intricately hand-assembled beads made up of smaller beads.

see larger image   see worn

Size 20.5" length

P398 / $11.40  

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#290-4062  Doggy Jewelry

Pamper your pooch with this super cute accessory!  Reads "My Best Friend Forever". 

see larger image   another view

Fits snugly on 10.75" neck, 25g

P149 / $4.25   

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#290-3-2683  Masterpiece Necklace

Reminds you of how precious you are! 

Size 13" length (when clasped), 10g

P98 / $2.80 

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Nature Pendants Collection

See More Necklaces at our Birthstone Collection! Bright baubles to bring out the precious gem in you!

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