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We Could Be Heroes Pencil Pad

This product comes in so many styles! They're so handy with all original Papemelroti designs. Each comes with a pencil in matching color and 50 pad sheets all made of 100% recycled paper. These are ideal giveaways for any occasion!

Item Code: #215-350-12R

Size 3.5 x 2 3/8 x 3/8 inches, 20g.

P29 / $0.85

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Forever Wire Wall Decor

Whimsical wall reminder of your love. We believe in forever!  Words are powerful and these word hangings are all the rage around the world!  Made of sturdy metal.  Fit for any room!  An original Papemelroti product.

Item Code: #189-106

P259  / $7.40 each 

Quantity: Check out now

i love you wall decor

#6-1321 I Love You Wall Decor

Express your love every day where it can be seen by everyone and always remembered.  Made of flat steel metal encased in vacuum clear wrap.

Size 2.5" height x 9.25"

P250 / $7.15 each

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Mod Broken Heart Figurine

#1-1421 The Mod Couple

A cute gift for a couple whose hearts belong to each other!   Designed by Papemelroti artist Robert Alejandro.  Made of durable resin.

Size 3 3/8" height x 4.75" (length together) x 2", 175g

P159 / $4.55 each

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Tickles Broken Heart

These are blatantly cheesy dogs in love.  Designed by Papemelroti artist Robert Alejandro.  Made of durable resin.

Size 3.25 height x 4 3/8 (length together) x 2 inches, 175g

Item Code: #1-1425

P139 / $3.98 each

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Love Thoughts in a Pack

#15-6-3 Love Thoughts Paper Pack

These 3"x 3" packs of 47 cards have several different themes!  Each has its own look and topic and design.  Made of 100% recycled kraft paper wrapped in boxes with our gift wrapper designs.  Encased in sturdy kraft box. 

Made of 2.5"x2.5" recycled paper, 75g.

Each set costs only P49 / $1.40 per pack

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Romantic Pillow Quotes
A nightly reminder of how special a person your gift recipient is!  They will always remember you as the printed quotes on these pillows are as your very own personal message!

love of my life pillow

#213-38 The Love of my Life Pillow Quote

This pillow case design has the hand pointing to the right.  This will indicate that your spouse rests at your left side.  Also available with hand pointing to the right.  Black text printed on creme cloth.  view this product packed

Size 28" x 17.75", 80g

P159 / $4.55

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