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wedding souvenirs wedding souvenirs
wedding souvenirs

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Wedding Chimes
Whether made of durable resin or bamboo, choose from different designs of these charmingly melodious tokens.

Blessings and Verses
with special words, messages & prayers in different presentations and packaging.  Recycled paper.

Wedding Couples
Designs all have figures of wedding pairs. 

Decorative and dainty angels to mark your special day!
Jars and Boxes
With added elements or on their own, these containers carry all the charm of a small surprise gift.

A wide array is available to choose from!
Magnet Souvenir Tokens
Several special wedding designs available for this memorable token. 

Ideal for personal messages, poetry or choose from our collection of verses for weddings.
Wooden Products
Versatile in function and form, and a suitable token for both men and women.  Durable earth-friendly pinewood.

Useful Tokens
See our other products which are popular as wedding giveaways.
Wedding Box
Put your rings and tokens in something pretty and durable.

Engagement Ring Box
Let that special moment be even more special with these Will You Marry Me ring holders.

Love and Marriage Wall Plaques

See our Products for Godparents / Principal Sponsors


wedding signboard dedication board philippines

#1023-15-2  Best Wishes Dedication Board

For happy couple!  Preserve all the prayers and wishes of all your family and friends when they share their greetings here.  Make your messages last!  Use a permanent marker and the writings will be safely seen here for years to come.  Celebrate the best moments in life with this dedication board.  Individually handcrafted with care. This product is made of MDF or medium density fiberboard (composite wood product). A no frills board perfect for modern homes.  

Size 11 x 16 x 3/8 inches, 750g

P698 / $19.95

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See more Dedication Boards

#281-340  Guestbook

Comes with a variety of rich textured handmade paper covers and die cut flowers, imprinted gold cover and recycled paper printed sheets inside for the names of the guests.  This item can also be made to order.   See inside sheets

Spend your event in an eco-friendly way with this Kraft Guestbook.  It is available in different colors. 25 inside sheets

Size 8.5" x 10" x 1"

P230 / $6.58

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Notebook with Names

#532-1-1  Personalized Copperplate Label Notebook

Give your guests something useful and practical.  This no-frills token will surely make a a good impression!  It's the ultimate earth-friendly giveaway.  Made of 100% unbleached kraft brown recycled paper.

50 inside sheets

Size 4 x 5.5 inches

*We have a discount for orders of 50 pcs or more.

89.00 php per 8 letters

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5.00 php per additional letter

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