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*We offer discounts for orders of 50 pcs or more.

Check the product page for the discounted price for bulk purchases.


P50 and below

Personalized Poster Scroll

23.00 php

Personalized Full Color Poster Scroll

32.00 php

Customized Paper Trim Booklet

50.00 php

Small Rectangular Full Color Magnet

49.00 php

Pocket Memo

28.00 php

Pocket Memo with Full Color Design


Keepsake Booklet

34.00 php

Pad Pouch Giveaway with Full Color Label

19.00 php

Pad Pouch Giveaway with Black Print Label

16.40 php

Round Button Magnets

30.00 php

Personalized Spectacular Magnet

39.00 php


P50 up to P99

Petite Ring Notebook

60.00 php

Wedding Paper Pack

61.50 php

Wedding Paper Pack with Full Color Cover

64.00 php

Full Colored Personalized Wooden Keyring 

79.00 php

Wedding Tiny Scroll

65.00 php

Wedding Pad Box

76.00 php

Church Magnet

98.00 php

Personalized Mini Wedding Noteclips

55.20 php

Monogram Eco Bag

71.20 php

Square Wedding Magnet

59.00 php

Black Ink Personalized Wooden Keyring

68.00 php

Wedding Boodle Bottle

76.80 php

Personalized Copperplate Line Notebook

89.00 php

Personalized Copperplate 2 Line Notebook

89.00 php


P100 and up

Marriage Card Holder

109.00 php

Binata at Dalaga Filipino Figurines

169.00 php

Customized Square Wedding Deco Poster

598.00 php

Customized Square Wedding Deco Poster with Picture

798.00 php

Customized Desk Clock

698.00 php

Customized As You Journey Wall Plaque

329.00 php

Monogrammed Pendant

179.00 php

Kalesa Memo Clip Holder

99.00 php

Wedding Penholder and Remote Holder

169.00 php


For the Church or Reception

Wedding Deco Poster

418.00 php

Best Wishes Dedication Board

10.00 php

Large Filipiniana Couple Cake Topper

129.00 php


230.00 php