#1-452  Rose Candleholder with Rose Candle

Specify scent, color of detachable candle and roses, name & date (max. 2 lines).  Comes individually wrapped in plastic.

Size 2.5 inches diameter, 70g

Prod. time: 3 weeks

Only P98 / $2.80 each



#1-631 Scroll Vigil Candleholder (Candle is not included)

Decoupaged with your personal message with a torn edge look.   Specify message (max. 2 lines), names, date, church.  Comes individually wrapped in plastic.

Size 1 3/4" high scroll, 75g.  Candle must be 1.5" diameter.

Regular Price: P98 / $2.80
Prod. time: 3 weeks



#84-55 Cylinder Candle with Heart Medallion

Specify scent, color of candle and roses on medallion, words for medallion (max. 3 lines), font for words  4 1/4" high candle, 300g.  

#148-251 Heart Medallion is individually hand-painted and made of durable resin.

Only P98 / $2.80
For orders of 50 pcs. or more - P78.40 / $2.24

Prod. time: 3 weeks

#1-666  Rosebud Lace Candleholder

Realistic lace texture lines this pretty candleholder with oval banner.  Scented candle inside may also carry your motif color.  (In this sample, the motif is light blue).  Just specify your motif!  Personalizing is possible without extra charge.  Just tell us what to print on the banner. 

Size 1.25" x 3.25" x 2 3/4", 150g

Regular Price: P89 / $2.55

Discounted Price for orders of 50 pcs. or more: P71.20 / $2.05 (Price includes candle and printed message on front banner, individually wrapped in plastic) See this product with a microwaveable container



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