Fast Order Items


This is a list of our Fast Order Items.  If not in stock, most of our items take 2-3 weeks to produce.  Woodcarvings and newly designed items take longer.  These items can usually be made available in 1 weeks' time or less at our main branch.  Please allow additional time for shipping or delivery to your branch of choice.

Item Code - Description

#87-54 Small Bamboo Chime

#9066-2-1 Round Magnets

#966-1 Square Magnet

#962-1  Black Ink Wood Magnets

#962-3  Colored Wood Magnets

#967-1  Full Color Magnet

#1-1250  Godparent

#995 / #960 / #994
Wooden Plaques

#1-435 Mini Filipiniana

Boodle Bottles 

#1-535  Bear Message

#1069 and #1068
Wooden Full Color Penholder

#988  All Occasion
Tiny Scroll

#1-803 Angel Touch
Birthstone Figurine

#995-3 Full Colored Personalized Wooden Key Ring

#1-523  Birthstone

#21-2  Wooden Decoupage


*For most of the wooden items, the designs can be easily changed.  The product can be produced faster if you already have the design for us to put on the item.  Most of these can be ordered for any occasion.

*The figurines listed can be produced in 1 week if no color changes (standard color in the website).  Less than 1 week will entail an additional 10% rush charge since we will have to put it ahead of other orders.  For rush items that need overtime to finish, we cannot give the regular discount for bulk purchases.

You may also check the availability of the item/s you're interested in by contacting the Papemelroti branch nearest you - Click here to find the contact information of that branch.

Please e-mail us at or to confirm the availability of these items.  Please specify the item code and description when inquiring about the item to facilitate your request more effectively.  Thank you!



For more information, please contact us at


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