Christmas Tree Picture Frames
House decor for the season doesn't have to be expensive.   It can also be a fun family activity such as this one!  (as featured on Home Buddies, Channel 9, December 2002)

8 " x 11" Green papervariation - Christmas Tree Picture Frame
Scrap of Yellow or Gold paper
Round shape smaller than tree
Gold string

General Instructions:

  1. Fold green paper crosswise, then lengthwise.
  2. Draw half a Christmas tree with pencil, making sure the middle is in line with folded side.
  3. Cut out tree. There will be two trees exactly the same size.
  4. Cut out a circle (draw pattern using round shape) in one tree such that your picture fits in it.
  5. Cut picture so that sides won’t be seen outside of tree.
  6. Paste picture in between the two tree shapes so that picture is nicely framed.
  7. Punch a hole on top and insert string. Tie a knot to make a loop.
  8. Cut a little star shape from the gold or yellow paper and paste on top.

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