Thank you for your interest in papemelroti products.  If you wish to order, please e-mail us at
check on the availability of the products you wish to purchase. 

If you wish to make computations (including shipping and handling charges) for your intended order you may follow the steps given below (Sorry, we can't provide for automatic calculations at this time).

1.  Compute for Item Cost by using the following formula:

Item1's price($)  X  No. of pieces =  $________for Item1
Item2's price($)  X  No. of pieces =  $________for Item2

$________for Item1 +  $________for Item2 + ...... =  TOTAL ITEM COST

2. Compute for total weight of your order by using the following formula:  (please refer to the product's page for it's weight)

Item1's weight  X  No. of pieces = Weight1

Item2's weight  X  No. of pieces = Weight2

Weight1 + Weight2 + ....... =  TOTAL WEIGHT

3.  Look up the shipping and handling charges for the TOTAL WEIGHT of your order in the table below.  For example,  if TOTAL WEIGHT is 300g, shipping and handling charges will be U$ 5.14.

Shipping Information - Zone 2 
small packet
100g below 101-250g 251-500g 501-1,000g Additional rate in excess of 1 Kg Max Weight
Zone 2: Pacific & Mid-East including Australia and New Zealand U$ 1.40 U$ 2.80 U$ 5.14 U$ 9.80 U$ 4.66 per 500 g 2 Kg


5.  To order, fill up the following form.

Order Form


E-mail Address

Mailing Address          

Telephone Number         Fax Number

Order (please include product stock number, description and quantity)

At present, we accept payments for foreign orders through either (via credit card), a crossed check payable to Korben Corporation (for buyers in the Philippines only) or through telegraphic transfer (TT).  Do not send cash.    We will send you the items when your order is fully paid.

To make a crossed check, make two diagonal lines //on the top left corner of the check.  This indicates that this check can only be deposited and not encashed. 

* There is a 20% discount for orders of 50 pcs. or more!

For further inquiries, e-mail us at

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