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virgin mary cabochon pendant

#290-3-3025    Mother of Perpetual Help Cabochon Pendant

Keep Mama Mary close to mind and heart with this piece.  Reminiscent of medieval icons, the center image of Blessed Mother Mary is surrounded by a cloud of hand-sewn shiny beads.  A loving tribute to an ideal woman after God's own heart.  Wear it, give it to a loved one or hang it on your altar.  

Size of center medallion 1 5/8" diameter, chain is 21" long (stretched taut), 40g

298 php 
$8.55 each  

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Wire Swirl Necklace

#20-3-2443    Blackstone Necklace  

Rustic bronze themed components make up this simple yet dynamic piece of jewelry.   A timeless tribal look that is so eclectic!

Hangs 14 inches length (when clasped), 25g 

P169 / $4.83

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spectacular pendants with saintly design

#349-8 Spectacular Pendants

These pendants have exquisite vintage saintly designs.  A beautiful jewelry piece to cherish.  Handcrafted with care. Made from upcycled materials.


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 pendants philippines

#349-4 Spectacular Necklace 

Wear something fabulous and eco-friendly too.  Use in good humor.  So many spectacular designs.  Made of upcycled materials.  See the clasp style


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 pendants philippines

#349-59  Spectacular Charm Pendants

Here's the fancy themed style to the Spectacular set of accessories.  Each piece has a charm and ribbon to add to its charm.  These are something fabulous and eco-friendly too.  Use in good humor.  So many pretty designs.  Made of upcycled materials. 

Seen at left (L to R) are the Beloved Heart, I Delight in the Lord and Be Your Kind of Beautiful designs.

P98 / $2.80

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