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"I bring you good news of great joy, that will be for all people!  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you..." -Luke 2:10

What an extraordinary blessing Christmas is!  It is the most magical news of all!  A great King (THE greatest ever) was born in a lowly stable.  Though the greatest King (since He is ruler of heaven and earth), He came to be our best (THE bestest ever) Friend, one who is there whenever, wherever we need Him.  He is not only our very best friend in life  but His Word guides us and gives us our life direction.  He is our Master Teacher (THE wisest, most knowledgeable ever). 
Christ is many things and ALL things to us who celebrate His coming!  This is the news that we must carry in our hearts daily specially to those around us who have not heard it or have forgotten it's magic!  Let us walk in gratitude and have hearts full of joyful worship during this grace-filled season and always! 
The most important part about "Christmas" is the first six letters.

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Christmas Corner
Just a few more days and before you know it, Christmas is here!  Before we get caught up in the whirlwind of parties, shopping and traditions, let's ponder the wonder and remember the reason for the season!
  • Special times need special ways of living.  Start each of these advent days differently.  Maybe read a chapter from "Purpose Driven Life", sing an inspirational song or visit the garden, all the while dedicating this 'alone' time to the Lord.
  • A very meaningful family activity is Preparing for Jesus' Crib.  Have an empty crib in the center of the home.  Have strips of paper beside it and a pen.  Every time a family member does an act of kindness, or good deed, they should write it down on the paper strip and place it in the crib.  The goal is to line the whole crib so that when Jesus comes, it will be very comfortable for him!  (Very small children need not write down their acts if they're unable to).
  • Invite carollers in for merienda or a meal instead of giving them money or candy.  Most probably they are from a nearby neighborhood that is in need.  Encourage your children to talk to them.  Better yet, organize a caroling group and sing in an impoverished area of your community, a prison or hospital.  Bring enough food to share.
  • Participate in efforts like "Pondo ng Pinoy" (coin bank) which encourages the regular habit of caring for others by giving in a little extra money (even P0.25) every day. 
  • Have a birthday cake and children's party for Jesus!  This will help kids center their idea of Christmas on the birth of Christ rather than on receiving gifts.  Have a portion of the party dedicated to the reading of the Christmas story (best read by a child if possible).
  • Rejoice in the heavenly music of Bukas Palad's "Pasko Na" concert on December 11 at the UP Theatre, Diliman Quezon City.  Shows at 3PM and 8PM, (Ticket prices P100, P200 and P500), call 4261023 or 0917+8274454 for details.
*Some of these suggestions have come from Kasunduan, the newsletter of Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Community.

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