How to Decorate Your Home
New home?  Don't know how to start?  Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning the interiors of your living space:
  1. Plan ahead.  If you're starting from scratch, do some planning before you hit the shops.  Make a rough sketch of the spaces, marking which ones are the bedroom/s, bath, kitchen, living room, etc.  Then make a list of the what essential features each room must have.  For example, what's important for your bedrooms is to be a place of peace and quiet.  Jot this down for every room.  When you are deciding what look you want (even the color of the walls), all of these requirements will come in handy.  Keep in mind that the way you're setting up your home will determine your whole living experience - so it's very important to map it out well.
  2. Find your look.  Check out as many decorating magazines as you can and clip out those pages of rooms you like.   Look through websites, books or even people's homes to find which style is best for you.  You can pattern rooms from the information that you've collected.  More on this
  3. Shop for needs, not wants.  When shopping for furniture or home accessories, don't just go with the pieces you like without knowing where it will go (which room, which space) - you have to see it fit with what's already there.  When decorating your home, every centavo counts. 
  4. Consider the cause.  Wood is quite "in" as far as interior design goes, specially for that natural feel, but the choice to fill your home with wood shouldn't be detrimental to the environment.  Choose furniture made from recycled pinewood (such as Papemelroti furniture).  Be sure it is not from trees from already denuded Philippine forests.  To help fight forest destruction click here
  5. Make your choices personal.  Your home should reflect you and your individual style.  Pictures, old furniture handed down from generations and other unique decorative items with sentimental value not just make your home cozier but also provide countless story-telling moments with guests.  More on this
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