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nautical chime philippines

Coastal Collection Chime

Bring the sea into your guest's homes with this chime.  Great for nautical themed occasions!  You may personalize this product at the back.  Three aluminum rods make for a delightful sound.  Made of durable resin.

Size of chime rod is 3.5 inches long

*There is a discount for an order of 50 pcs. or more of the same exact item.

Item Code: 148-372-1 

₱99 each

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Coastal Collection Incense Holder

Fill your surroundings with aromatherapeutic scents using this charming 4- incense stick holder!   Matches our other Coastal Collection products.

Size 2.5 inches diameter, 50g.   Also available in Leaf design 75g. 

Item Code: 148-372

₱32 each   

Quantity: Check out now 


Small Incense Holder

Size 1 1/8 inches x 1 inches x 7/8 inches, 40g 

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Item Code: 143-373 

₱15 each 

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Coastal Collection Napkin Holder

Liven up your table setting with a uniquely summer look!  Matches our other Coastal Collection products.  50g each, 2.25 inches long.  Other designs include fish, leaf, swirl, sun medal, and 4-star medal. 

Item Code: 148-375 

₱198 per set of 6 pcs.  


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nautical marine philippines penholder

Coastal Collection Desk Penholder

With a nature-inspired sand-speckled look.  A summer product exclusively by Papemelroti.  Made of durable resin.

Size 3.5 inches high, 275g.

Item Code: 148-370

₱109 each

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ocean desk plaque philippines

Ocean Courage Easel Photo Art

Remind yourself to reach for your aspirations and to never give up!  Bring the sea's awesomeness into your every day life.  Modern inspiration for your desk.  Original photograph and layout by Papemelroti designer Elyse Pilapil.  Made of sturdy recycled wood with a natural finish.  Price includes the easel.

Size of plaque 5 x 4 x 1/2 inches, Easel height 4.5 inches.  Plaque and easel weighs 50g

Item Code: 21-160-13


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Dolphin wall plaque philippines

Live the Moment Medium Square Plaque

Inspiration for every day!  Such a fanciful design for all ages!  Made of MDF or medium density fiberboard (composite wood product).  A no frills decor perfect for modern homes.

Size 7.5 x 7.5 x 0.5 inches, 170g

Item Code: 1017-8 

₱298 each 

Quantity: Check out now 

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shell bracelet philippines

SummerStarfish Bracelet

Bring the sun and summer fun on the beach with you via this originally designed bracelet.  Sandy native tones are individually hand-painted on durable resin for a native feel.  Hangs on brown knotted cord.  Adjustable for a close to neck look or to hang loosely.

Item Code: 290-2-3190

₱68 each

Quantity: Check out now 

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