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Easter Sunday is celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox.  For us Christians, Easter is a time for great rejoicing since it reminds us of the victory won for us through Christ's death and resurrection.  How do we celebrate Easter to the full, specially as it is a Jubilee Easter? 

A good way is to have time for personal reflection on what Easter really means to us and how it affects our daily lives.  Aside from attending Holy week gatherings and Easter vigils, we can have times of quiet with the Lord, giving a chance for His gentle voice to speak to our inner heart.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."  -John 3:16

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Easter Fun:

  • Popular Easter symbols include the EGG which represents the tomb where Jesus was buried - it looked lifeless and empty but it actually contained new life!  EGGS and RABBITS are also symbols of fertility.  And since Easter is a movable hold day dependent on the phase of the moon, that is why we have the EASTER BUNNY.  The tradition of wearing NEW CLOTHES on Easter Sunday signifies a rising to new life in Christ.  It is an external symbol of Easter grace. The Easter lily, water, candle also remind us of Easter joys!

  • The Egg Hunt is imported from Europe where children were told the Easter bunny laid the eggs and hid them.   The child who found the most eggs received a prize!  When preparing for an Easter egg hunt, be sure to tell the story of Jesus' resurrection to the children beforehand.  You can read from a book or better yet, narrate it using actual things in the garden- represent Jesus with a piece of white cloth, the cross with 2 twigs, the tomb with a stone.  The explanation of the story brings more meaning to the celebration.

  • A decorating tip: use actual egg shells to liven up your party.  When handled carefully, these can be used year after year!  Put two small holes at each end of an uncooked egg.   Blow the yolk out and drain. Use a piece of string tied to a toothpick and insert this in one of the egg holes.  The toothpick being lodged in the shell will hold the egg up and the string can be used as a hanger.

  • Egg rolling race: A race in which participants must roll eggs (hard-boiled ones are strongly-recommended) down a stretch of field will be more challenging and fun for older children and adults!  Everyone will need a long stick to roll with - golf clubs are not fair!  - or you can improvise with relay races, or having each person return to the starting point ot begin again with another, etc. If it all seems like a terrible waste of eggs, gather appropriate egg-sized stones and pebbles for the exercise and present the winner with a genuine Easter egg. (taken from the book Festivals Family and Food by D. Carey and J. Large)

  • Have an Emmaus Walk - a custom done on Easter morning where families and friends gather and hold a picnic inspired by the day's Gospels.

  • In Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Russia, the dyeing of eggs is an intricate art.  Many of the eggs are colored red in memory of the blood Jesus shed on the cross.  To color eggs, mix food color into a cup of hot water, let cool (one cup per color).  Using crayons, draw designs on the eggs.  Dip eggs into the cups of color desired - remember to choose a good background color which will bring out the drawings on the eggs.  The longer the egg stays in the cup, the darker the shade of its color.  Remove the eggs and dry on a rag.  Make 50 - 100 for an enjoyable egg hunt.

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An Easter Promise

jesusIf we but had the eyes to see
God's face in every cloud,
If we but had the ears to hear
His voice above the crowd,
If we could feel His gentle touch
In very Springtime breeze
And find a haven in His arms
'Neath sheltering, leafy trees...

If we could just lift up our hearts
Like flowers to the sun
And trust His Easter Promise
And pray, 'Thy Will Be Done',
We'd find the peace we're seeking,
The kind no man can give,
The peace that comes from knowing
He Died So We Might Live!

Poem by Helen Steiner Rice

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Easter Gift Ideas:

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