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Christmas Decor

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christmas ornament

Christmas Tree Glass Ornaments

Just a little magic for your Christmas tree!  Made of glass and carries words that bring such Christmas cheer for one and all.  Comes in different enchanting shapes and sizes.

Love ball size is 1.5 inches diameter, 10g

Item Code: 339-4



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metal angel
Angel Coil Candleholder

Add some heavenly sparkle to your table centerpieces with this angel piece. 

Item Code: 131-968


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christmas banner

kraft brown christmas roll

Christmas Tree Roll

Wrap your tree the eco-friendly way!  Words from world famous melody Joy to the World is written on the banner strip.  Made of 100% unbleached recycled paper.

Size 2 inches strip, 13 ft long

Item Code: 96-172


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advent calendar
Papemelroti Advent Calendar

With 25 cards for every day of December until Christmas day.

Starting December 1, the first sheet (called an ATC* for Day 1) is to be mounted (pasted or taped) on the corresponding space on the provided base. One ATC is mounted for each day of December until Christmas Day by matching the day’s ATC to the corresponding space on the base (in ascending order: 1, 2, 3, etc.) The whole picture comes together on Christmas Day.

A more meaningful way to celebrate the Advent season and use this calendar is to read and reflect on the given bible verses (indicated at the back of the card) before mounting the Card on the base.

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The idea is based on the tradition of having a poster or a tree in the church or home, which during Advent is decorated with symbols to represent stories leading up to the Birth of Christ.

Complete Set
Item Code: 340-1


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Cards only 

Item Code: 340-2


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Christmas Celebration Candles

Provide a beautiful metallic finished base for your Christmas candles.

Item Code: 247-7

₱24.75 each

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Ask us if our advent wreathes are available. 
These make the season more special with anticipation!  Standard design comes with the Holy Family.  Includes prayers for each week of Advent.

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Filipiniana Figurines

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