How to Shop

Step 1:

Feel free to check out our Stocks on Hand section at
(shipped 2 - 5 days after payment) or browse all of our Pre-Order Items (shipped 1-3 weeks after payment).


Step 2:

Check information on how to pay for Stocks on Hand items here.

For Pre-Order items, you may pay upon choosing Click this button. order or inquire 
or this button.


Step 3 [Pre-Order Items]:

Fill out the order form completely.  This will help us give you a more accurate item and shipping cost.  You can put 1 product you want to purchase or many items in this one form.  You can just ask us a question and not purchase yet.  After completing the form, press the "Send" button.  


Step 4 [Pre-Order Items]:

We will receive your form and gather the items.  We will reply within 1-2 business days.  Sometimes the item you are interested in is out of stock but we can usually replenish within 2-3 weeks.  We will ask you if you can wait for it.  If you don't get a reply from us, you can follow it up via e-mail.   Click here.


Step 5 [Pre-Order Items]:

We will reply with the total costs and payment information and when you can receive the product/s.  At this point, you can still revise your order.  Just reply to our message to you via e-mail and we will revise the quote accordingly.  We will also send you shipping options depending on the date you need the items.


Step 6 [Pre-Order Items]:

Payment for the items you wish to purchase.  If the items will be picked up at one of the branches listed here, you may pay 50% downpayment and pay the balance upon pickup.  All shipped items must be fully paid before we ship these out.


Step 7 [Pre-Order Items]:

Pickup the item/s at the branch of your choice or receive it in the mail.  We ship to anywhere in the world using Philpost, DHL, FedEx (or freight forwarders for bulk shipments).  For Philippine shipments, we use Air 21 and other local courier services.


Why can't we pay right away?

It's because we have you, our customer, in mind.  We have thousands upon thousands of products and we want to make these available to you with a click of a button.  But, due to this huge volume of products, not all are in stock at all times but many are

To ensure that you get all the products you like at one given time, please order early.  As much as 3 weeks earlier if you like.  Rush orders are possible for certain items so let us know and we will try our very best to get the products to you as fast as possible.



*Collect all your receipts for a chance to be one of our Privilege Cardholders.  Click here for more information.



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