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Let's celebrate one very special person in our lives - our Mothers!  No matter what your relationship is with your mom, whether it can be characterized by lots of fond memories, sharing confidences and quality time or a lot of challenging personality differences, and hidden bitter hurts (or both) - she is still and will always be your mom, and you get only one of those in one lifetime!mom2.jpg (37615 bytes)

For all of you Mothers out there, we at Papemelroti honor you!  As one great thinker put it "All the love we know in life begins with Mother".  You are a bringer not only of life but most importantly, the bringer of this world's most precious gift of LOVE!    May the love you have given come back to you a hundredfold specially through the love and gratitude of your children.

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mom.jpg (12541 bytes)Mother's Day Poems
Here are some wonderful poems for moms and kids alike - ponder upon them, copy them, make projects with these words for Mom - she'll simply be delighted by your "work of heart"!

Mother, Your Love Is a Special Part of My Life
Mother, so many times you set aside
your own worries and problems
to listen and care about mine.
More times than I could ever count,
you have given me hope
and revived my goals and dreams.
Every moment, I am aware
of your value to me,
and I appreciate those times
when I have the chance to let you know
how much I love you.
-Ann Rudacille

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I Grateful to Have a Mother Like You
A mother like you must be
the dearest of all God's creations.
I can't think of anything
that is as sweet as a mother's love,
that is as precious as you are to me,
or that is as appreciated
as you are by every single smile within me.
I love you so much, Mother.
And I thank God that you're mine.
-Carey Martin

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