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Papemelroti carries a wide variety of gifts and decorative accessories, most of which are handmade by Filipino craftspeople.  We have woodworkers, sculptors, designers and other artists working to make many of our originals.

We also carry other items from our suppliers from all over the Philippines.  We often work hand in hand with them to produce items designed by our professional designers and distributed exclusively by papemelroti.

Our products are available at retail and wholesale prices.  Due to the wide range of products we carry and the frequent addition of new designs to our product line, we do not have a catalog at this time.    Please visit our branches or look through our web site instead.  Merchants and dealers are also very welcome.

We update this page regularly and  we encourage you to come back and  check on what's new.

About our Products

decoupage items Decoupage is a long, special process used for mounting pictures (called prints) on frames, plaques, boxes and other surfaces.  It gives the print a protective coating and a unique look.  Take a look at our selection.

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      paper products Our stationery items include greeting cards, postcards, invitations, memo/ notepads, gift wrappers, gift tags, and paper bags.   We have greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine and other occasions.  These contain original artworks printed on environment- friendly recycled paper - also called Kraft paper.  To see more, click to our Paper Products Page       

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.woodcarved products

We have a wide variety of items carved from wood- plaques, boxes, picture frames, shelf sitters and others.  Most of our wood products are made from reused pine wood or Palo China from freight crates thus non-damaging to the environment.                 

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Various design styles and coordinates are available for desk accessories like penholders, memo holders, games, picture frames, kits, containers and letterholders.  We also offer discounts and personalizing.        

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wall decorPapemelroti carries a wide variety of originally designed wall decor for the home or office.  Made of wood, molding compound or metal, they come with inspirational, funny, and positive messages.   

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metal craft

Individually hand tooled by skilled craftsmen, some of our metal ware include, candleholders, shelves, picture frames, and wall hangings.  We have a selection of framed metalwork items made of solid (not plated) copper, brass and tin sheets with designs like horses, cars, flowers, fruits, landscapes and many others.   These are mounted or framed in wood. 

We also carry solid brass boats, with their billowing sails and flags, mounted on marble rocks.  

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figurinesPapemelroti carries a wide variety of originally designed figurines.  There is one for every collection - angels, bears, cats, children, and more!  These are individually handpainted and finished with protective coatings and often have an "antique" look.  These are either made of a molding compound imported from Germany, or from sturdy and lightweight resin. 

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filipiniana itemsLocals and foreigners alike love our Filipiniana items whether on t-shirts, rubber stamps, stationery, nature pendants or little figurines, they bring Philippine culture and color to life.  

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personal itemsSee our canvas carry-all Bags!  A handy foldable bag to use when shopping.  Comes in a variety of designs that only Papemelroti has!  Making a habit of using one saves the environment from the indestructible plastic that predominate our landfills!  We also carry a line of Pillows and T-shirts available in varied designs. 

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giveaways for wedding baptism corporate debut etc

Looking for the perfect souvenir for a wedding, debut, or company party?  Need to have thank-you gifts or awards for staff?  We have a lot of suggestions and products for you.   Visit our Giveaway Page for more!  See our collection of Candles and Scents here.

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furnitureCome see our selection of popular and well-loved Country Furniture.  Select from a variety of shelves, tables, cabinet and storage units, seats and children's furniture.  See our Furniture Page.

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