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Pocket Planners and Wall Calendars

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2017 Anniversary Planners   |  Book of Days

2017 calendars philippines 

2017 Pocket Planner


pocket planner made of recycled paper datebook calendar 2017 philippines
A Life without Love 2017 Pocket Planner

pocket planner made of recycled paper datebook calendar2017 philippines
Adventure Starts Here Twenty Seventeen Pocket Planner

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#9040 Pocket Planners Size 4" x 5.75", 16 inside pages 
OLD PRICE: P20 / $0.60 each  

SALE PRICE:  P10 / $0.30

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P20 planners

2017 Wall Calendars

Save your schedule while saving the environment!

Jot down your important dates on this earth-friendly wall calendar! Made of 100% unbleached recycled paper. No harmful chemicals were released into the environment due to bleaching. Now available in two new designs!

#7004-44 2017 Happiness Wall Calendar

This calendar will help gear you towards the most joyful, happiest year ever! Every month is packed with inspirational goodness and even practical how to's to help you get happy!

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Size 8.5 x 5.5 inches

OLD PRICE:  P39 / $1.15

SALE PRICE:  P19.50 / $0.55

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2017 papemelroti wall calendar made of recycled paper

#189-61  Wall Calendar Holder

See your schedules at a glance with this sturdy metal holder.  Individually handcrafted with care.  Just hang and flip every month.  Includes a drawer base for any knick knacks you want to add.  This can be hung on the wall or just standing on a desk (with back to a wall for additional support).

Size 18.5 height  x 12  x 2.25 inches, 1kg.

519.00 php / $14.85

Quantity: Check out now


wall calendar holder



2017 Anniversary Planners   |   Book of Days   |   Mini Desk Calendars

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