To Daddy & Mommy Now that I'm Grown
In Memory


Sample Wording: Family

- Family Name (ex. The Smiths) in big, bold font

Our Family is a circle
of strength and love.
With every birth and
every union, the circle grows.
Every joy shared
adds more love.
Every crisis faced together
makes the circle stronger.

- Names -

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Sample Wording: Father

- Daddy/ Papa/ Father - in big, bold font

Who carried me on
His broad shoulders,
When I could walk no more,
Who held my hand
when darkness crept
To face what life had in store.

Whose words become a guide and light,
When the time to decide would come,
Whose laughter would regale me,
When sadness had begun.

Whose work was able to provide,
For the family's daily needs,
Who became our one example,
How to live by righteous deeds.

It was you Dad in all times past,
And even up to now,
I bid you blessings, long life and joy,
As much as the good Lord will allow.

With thankful heart, I honor you,
For all that you have done,
You are a strong and steadfast Dad,
My heart and my love you have won.

Love from - Name -
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Sample Wording: Mother

Ever since I could remember
You've taught me
right from wrong
You've eased my hurts
and soothed my fears,
With gentle touch or song.

There was nothing you withheld from me
So long as it was good
All that I needed everyday
My clothes, my books, my food

When I would feel life's burdens come
A-knocking on my door,
It's people like you, who have sacrificed much,
That let me strive some more.

I honor you this day with admiration and praise
For all that you have done,
May all days bring you blessings and joy,
My heart and my love, you have won.

Love from - Name -
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Sample Wording: To Daddy & Mommy Now that I'm Grown

To Daddy & Mommy (bigger font)
Now that I'm Grown

Now that I am able to know
The time you spent preparing me to go,
Into the world away from your side,
Without protection from your watchful eye.

Now that time is passing me by,
I see your patience and how you must have tried,
To teach me everything you could,
As I grew into adulthood.

Now I know my freedom to choose
Was a gift of love
Not to be abused.

Now that our time together seems less and less,
I want you to know I did not forget,
The ways I should lead my life and not depart,
For, you see, you placed them all in my heart.

Love from - Name -
Adapted from a poem by Kathryn D. Hayes (tiny font print)
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Sample Wording: In Memory

In Memory of - Name - (bigger font, bold)
- Birthdate - Day of Death -

At times when
the memory of you
Lingers in the mind,
There is a mix of
sadness and joy
At all you've left behind

When you were here, you lived life well,
And lived it to the full,
You blessed many lives with your friendship and love
And let others' needs, not yours, rule.

Through the years, your life had touched ours,
In many different ways,
You were God's precious gift to us,
To cherish all our days.

When the longing to see you face to face
Comes to us time and again,
The comforting thought that we hold dear
Is that you are with our Lord in heaven.

And only this can replace our woe
And bring us joy and then,
May our prayers join as one in our hearts,
Until we meet again.

In Loving Remembrance, - Name -
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