Graduate's Prayer


Sample Wording: Friendship

- Name - in big, bold font

There is no
greater blessing
than an
who's there in
times of trouble
and on whom we can depend.

A friend who knows our every mood
And brightens cloudy days,
One who's slow to criticize
But quick to offer praise.

There is no greater blessing
Than a friend who always cares,
One who will remember us
In daily thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your friendship! Love from - Name -

Kay Andrews (tiny font)


Sample Wording: Debut

- Name of Debutante - in big, bold font
On Your 18th Birthday (date may be included in smaller font)

You were given precious life
Eighteen years ago today
Blessed with plenty,
And loved much,
You were set upon your way.

Now as you come of age and begin a lady's life anew
May you seek God's guidance and His strength,
In everything you do

For as He made you as precious
And as special as you truly are,
Keep in mind His plans for you
Are the best ones by far.

Know you'll always be the rose
He's crafted with great care
And that with prayer, grace and faith
You will grow all the more fair

Look ahead but don't forget to see others
Make this world a better place
Know where to look for good advice
For all that you will face

Live life with joy, keep your chin up high,
To childhood simplicity never say good-bye,
Always have great hope as trials you overcome
And keep in your heart that the best is yet to come.

Love from - Name -

Given this ___ day of _______, in the year _____
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Sample Wording: Graduate

To Our Son/Daughter/Brother/Sister, etc - in big, bold font
on His Graduation

May you be blessed
with the courage to
accomplish all you can,
to set no limitation and
pursue your every plan,

May you learn to appreciate
each trait you possess,
To know that your potential
will lead you to success

May you be filled with confidence
and given self-esteem,
And be blessed with a future
that fulfills your every dream.

Know that as you go
finding your path everyday,
Our love goes with you,
And we're with you all the way.

Love,  - Name - (ex. Mom & Dad)
Given this _____ day of _______, in the year _______
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Sample Wording: Graduate's Prayer

- Name -'s (bold, big font)
Graduate's Prayer

Lord, as I go forth
on this new road
Help me carry
my given load.
There are worlds to conquer
and dreams to dream -
There is a future for me,
as it would seem.
I'll fill my niche, accomplish my task,
Lord, be with me, that's all I ask.
Grant that I be worthy of
your precious gift -
And use these talents well, not go adrift.
Give me faith to serve
without contradictions,
To be your follower in all
my days' convictions,
Let me not quest for greatness
but for truth 'til last,
And only then I dare begin
this journey so vast.

Love,  - Name - (ex. Mom & Dad)
Given this _____ day of _______, in the year _______
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