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#232-2  Soft Doll Kit

Calling all artsy kids and adults alike!  Here's a project to keep those creative juices flowing!  Spend a happy day making this together and see what you'll come up with!  You'll have everything you need to make these adorable pieces. 

Each kit includes:

stuffed doll shape with design
5 fabric paints (mix for more colors)

Box Size 10 x 10 x 1.5 inches

Available designs:
owl, cat, angel, robot (see designs on this page)

P329 / $9.40 per kit

 Design : Check out now
paint owl philippines
#232-2-1  Owl Soft Doll Kit
paint cat philippine craft doll
#232-2-2  Cat Soft Doll Kit
angel kit stuffed toy craft philippines
#232-2-3  Angel Soft Doll Kit
diy paint kit soft doll philippines
#232-2-4  Robot Soft Doll Kit



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