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valentines day

The Story of Valentines Day

Every Valentines' Day, we see image of hearts, doves, roses and cupids with bow and arrows.  Where do these symbols come from?  Ever since anyone could remember, the heart has been said to be where all emotions come from and when someone gives his heart, he actually gives his whole self.  Meanwhile, lovebirds & doves have also been popular as Valentine symbols since the middle ages because they have only one mate for life. 

Undoubtedly the red rose is most used to express love on this day.  It is said to have been the flower most sacred to Venus, goddess of love.  The color red meant that the feelings of love were all the more stronger.  Cupid as well has its origins in Greek & Roman mythology.  The story goes that Cupid was a god who fell in love with Psyche, a mortal who later becomes his wife and then becomes banished due to her imperfect and jealous love.  She gets into trouble and falls into a deep sleep but is eventually rescued by Cupid by his piercing her heart with his arrow and waking her from her slumber.

This story still holds true for us today who know Jesus.  His perfect love, which surpasses every kind of love, is ours everyday.  If we just respond daily to His call by living lives of love and service, we too will awaken to see new joys of this life He has given us. 

May this Valentines' Day strengthen the power of love in our lives!

Ideas for Romance

  • Dance the night away.  If you both don't dance, take lessons together.

  • Cut out a big heart.   Write on it a funny rhyme like "Roses are red, violets are blue, my life would be in pieces if it weren't for you" or poem you made.  Finally cut up the heart into some puzzle pieces and put this in an envelope to be solved by your loved one.

  • Have valentine cards or notes all over the house - like under his/her plate or hidden in his/her drawer, closet or bag.

  • Make little coupons which offer service for your mate like taking over the dishwashing or vacuuming.  Word them creatively such as "This entitles the bearer to ...". 

  • A frugal yet special Valentines' evening could be spent by renting a  romantic movie.  Some suggestions "An Affair to Remember", "Rebecca", "Sabrina", "Shining Through", "Far and Away".  Better yet, get something that you both like or has a special significance in your relationship (ex. the first movie you watched together, etc.)  Don't forget the popcorn.

  • Buy a do-it-yourself massage book and try it out on your spouse.

  • If both of you are nature lovers, take a walk together.  Some suggestions - on a beach, UP Lagoon or QC circle,   Tagaytay, and have a picnic.  

  • Videotape yourself telling your mate what you love about him or her plans and don't tell him what's going to happen.  You may blindfold him for added surprise effect.

  • For that ultra busy mate who's waking moments are spent mostly in the office, conspire with his/her secretary to have an appointment under an alias.  Pick a romantic place for your meeting and wow him/her with  a smashing outfit! 

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