Love and Marriage Wall Decor

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long wall plaque

Always and Forever
Item Code: 1050-1E

long wall plaqueI Love You a Little Bit More
Item Code: 1050-2E

long wall plaque
Item Code: 1050-3E

Long Wall Plaque

You can always find space for this bright and cheery product.  Hang over your door, gate, or anywhere! This product is made of MDF or medium density fiberboard (composite wood product).  A no frills plaque perfect for modern homes.

Size 385mm x 84mm x9mm

Item Code: 1050

₱349 each

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Square Love Story Wall Plaque

Remind your beloved that your love story is the absolute best!  This plaque is such a pretty addition to her home!A so very sweet treat for a special lady.  This product is made of MDF or medium density fiberboard (composite wood product).  A no frills plaque perfect for modern homes.

Size 7.5 x 7.5 x 1/2 inches, 190g

Item Code: 1017

₱298 each

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love plaque

Wedding Plaque

Intricately woven rosette design with heart wreaths decorate this romantic gift.  Banners provide a space for writing the couple's names and dates. 230g

Item Code: 826-17

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Anniversary Prayer 

With banner for personalizing.  Hand-painted peonies decorate the prayer. 

Size 6.25 inches height x 6.5 inches length x 5/8 inches width, 230g

Item Code: 1-1089


Quantity: Check out now

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Happy Anniversary Plaque

Make the memories of your love last for years with this Anniversary plaque.  In a natural beige color.  Personalize by putting your names on the bottom banner.

Size 5.5 x 5.25 x 1/8 inches, 150g

Item Code: 1-1395

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The Love in Your Heart Oval Plaque

A reminder to give that love in your heart away every day.  Featured in muted hand-painted colors. Made of durable resin. 

Size 7.25 height x 4 7/8 x 5/8 inches width, 240g

Item Code: 148-329 

₱298 each

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